Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ with Hydrant [Free Shipping]

Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ with Hydrant [Free Shipping]

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Never crawl under a house or tear into a wall again to replace a wall hydrant. The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ patented hydrant replacement system makes replacing wall hydrants as simple as unscrewing the old hydrant and screwing in a new one. Our innovative design also protects your wall, basement, or crawlspace against water damage from a ruptured hydrant. If your hydrant does become ruptured, the water is channeled out of the front cover.


  • Allows hydrants to be replaced in minutes from outside the building

  • Saves potentially hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees

  • Saves hours of water outage time

  • Protects the home against flooding and water damage from a ruptured hydrant

  • Compatible with 1/2” MIP hydrants of any length (i.e. 4” up to 24”).

  • Adjustable mounting base allows for up to 1” of variance between different hydrant brands of the same nominal length.

  • Slotted screw holes allow for mounting of various hydrant brands.

  • Mounting base is angled to provide recommended hydrant drainage slope.

  • Available in four colors (brown, grey, green, and black) to match different hydrants and exteriors.

  • All models currently provided with a grey-handled Prier frost-free hydrant with vacuum breaker, back-flow preventer, and half-turn valve.

Hydrant-included models are stocked in 8”, 10”, and 12” nominal lengths. For other lengths, please contact us. We can provide any length desired.

If you prefer to supply your own hydrant, check out our non-hydrant models, stocked in every length from 4” to 24”.

Click here to see a video illustration of the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™.

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