***NEW PRODUCT*** Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit - Same Benefits, Lower Price

We are proud to say that we have exceptionally high customer satisfaction. In 10 years of shipping the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ all over the United States, we have never heard anyone say that the product did not work for them. All of our product reviews have been very positive. The only real criticism we receive is around pricing. Our standard telescoping model is truly the best in its class and involves a lot of R&D and custom manufacturing in order to simplify installation at virtually any bury depth... and it is priced accordingly.

But for those who want to trade a little more work in the field for a lower price point, we have just released our Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit.

The Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit delivers all the benefits of the telescoping model but allows the user to install their own casing pipe, out of 4" sch. 40 PVC, to the required bury depth for their hydrant. We supply the upper and lower components to attach to the user's casing pipe so that the hydrant can be removed any time, via the pitless adapter, without digging.

Also, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ kit will soon be available for use with 1” hydrants. For the past few years, since moving to a telescoping design with an injection-molded top cap, the YHME has only been compatible with 3/4” hydrants (which actually have a 1” riser pipe). Very soon, we will offer a kit model that will accommodate 1” hydrants (which have a 1.25” riser pipe). This version will come in two models: the 101K+ or the 303K+. The 303K+ will have a 1” ASSE 1024 dual-check-valve back-flow preventer. All components of the 101K+ and 303K+ will be 1” diameter, so there will be no line-size reduction to contend with. It’s going to be great.

Check out our store for more details, and watch out for new product releases.

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ = Return on Investment. Try it today. Money-Back Guarantee.