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 About the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™

Never crawl under a house or tear into a wall again to replace a wall hydrant. The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ patented hydrant replacement system makes replacing wall hydrants as simple as unscrewing the old hydrant and screwing in a new one. Our innovative design also protects your wall, basement, or crawlspace against water damage from a ruptured hydrant. If your hydrant does become ruptured, the water is channeled out of the front cover.


  • Allows hydrants to be replaced in minutes from outside the building

  • Saves potentially hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees

  • Saves hours of water outage time

  • Protects the home against flooding and water damage from a ruptured hydrant

  • Compatible with 1/2” MIP hydrants of any length (i.e. 4” up to 24”).

  • Adjustable mounting base allows for up to 1” of variance between different hydrant brands of the same nominal length.

  • Slotted screw holes allow for mounting of various hydrant brands.

  • Mounting base is angled to provide recommended hydrant drainage slope.

  • Available in four colors (brown, grey, green, and black) to match different hydrants and exteriors.

  • Available with or without a hydrant.

Click here to see a video illustration of the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™.

To learn more about our products:

1) Check out our informative videos.

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3) Peruse our FAQ page.

4) Give us a call at 618-740-0074. We are glad to answer your questions and help with your specific application.

Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ Brochure:

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