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 About the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™

Never crawl under a house or tear into a wall again to replace a wall hydrant. The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ patented hydrant replacement system makes replacing wall hydrants as simple as unscrewing the old hydrant and screwing in a new one. Our innovative design also protects your wall, basement, or crawlspace against water damage from a ruptured hydrant. If your hydrant does become ruptured, the water is channeled out of the front cover.


  • Allows hydrants to be replaced in minutes from outside the building

  • Saves potentially hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees

  • Saves hours of water outage time

  • Protects the home against flooding and water damage from a ruptured hydrant

  • Compatible with 1/2” MIP hydrants of any length (i.e. 4” up to 24”).

  • Adjustable mounting base allows for up to 1” of variance between different hydrant brands of the same nominal length.

  • Slotted screw holes allow for mounting of various hydrant brands.

  • Mounting base is angled to provide recommended hydrant drainage slope.

  • Available in four colors (brown, grey, green, and black) to match different hydrants and exteriors.

  • Available with or without a hydrant.

Click here to see a video illustration of the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™.

How does the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ differ from other “hydrant sleeves” or “wall mounting brackets” on the market?

The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ is not merely a “hydrant sleeve” or a “wall mounting bracket” like those available from other companies. The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ is a unique, patented product.

Other “sleeves” and “wall mounting brackets” are merely spacers that are set into NEW CONSTRUCTION masonry walls (not for replacement work) so that the plumber does not have to drill into the masonry when screwing the hydrant to the wall. These devices DO NOT seal in the hydrant, so if the hydrant freezes and ruptures, the home is subject to flooding and water damage.

AND, these devices DO NOT allow you to replace the hydrant from outside the house. You still have to go under the house or tear into an interior wall or basement ceiling in order to replace the hydrant.

The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™, however, may be used in both new construction and replacement jobs.

The Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ DOES seal in the hydrant so that if it ruptures, no water will get inside your home.

And finally, the crux of the Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ is that you can easily replace a failed hydrant in minutes FROM OUTSIDE THE BUILDING, so you don’t have to go under the house or tear into a wall. All you need is your new hydrant, a screwdriver, and some thread sealant.

To learn more about our products:

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3) Peruse our FAQ page.

4) Give us a call at 618-740-0074. We are glad to answer your questions and help with your specific application.

Wall Hydrant Made Easy™ Brochure:

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