Q: Where can I purchase a Yard Hydrant Made Easy (YHME)?

A: YHME’s may be purchased right here from our online store.

Q: Will the initial cost of the YHME pay off in the long run?

A: Absolutely! The YHME can literally save thousands of dollars over its lifetime. One thing is certain: your hydrant will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing a yard hydrant can be very costly, especially if hiring it out. And for the DIY’er, it can become a project riddled with problems. If your hydrant is encased in concrete, the problems only multiply.

Once installed, the YHME will eliminate problems that are commonly associated with replacing a yard hydrant by allowing a simple slide-out/slide-in replacement. You only need to pull out the old hydrant, unscrew the removable portion of the pitless adapter, screw it onto the new hydrant, and slide in the new hydrant, being sure to line it up properly on the fixed portion of the pitless adapter.

Q: How can I get a better understanding of how the YHME is installed?

A: Located on our website are two videos. One video is instructional, giving details about the product itself. The second video is a demonstration video to show how the product is installed. For further instruction, you can contact our office at 618-740-0074.

Q: Will I have to thread the hydrant onto a pipe located at the bottom of the housing?

A: The Yard Hydrant Made Easy includes a removable portion of a pitless adapter that slides out of the housing so that it can be easily threaded onto the yard hydrant. It then slides back into place at the bottom of the housing. Once the pitless adapter slides back into place it forms a water-tight seal.