"We have installed 62 of these... Super happy and blessed with the 303... Exceeded our needs for the campground application." -G.D., Shawnee Forest Campground, Vienna, IL

In 2018 I called to inquire about these yard hydrants. After consulting engineers, contractors, and plumbers, it was decided that this product, the 303, not only fit our needs to comply with the state plumbing code but exceeded our needs for the campground application. We have installed 62 of these Yard Hydrant Made Easy, they have coined the name YHME pronounced YIME, like time. After the installation and we opened our campground it happened, someone hit the yard hydrant with their camper. Within one hour, we had the water off, pressure drained and a new hydrant installed.. an hour..... Needless to say I'm super happy and blessed with the 303 product. The double check valves are really important to the campground industry, more importantly, is the ease of repair and reinstalling. Thank you.

-G.D., Owner, Shawnee Forest Campground in Vienna, Illinois

Originally posted February 21, 2019.