Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Ranked "Best Performing" by Green Yard Master™

We are pleased to learn that Green Yard Master™ ranked our Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Model 303 as Best Performing Yard Hydrant Replacement System.

As pointed out in their article, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ is the first and best of its kind: “Unlike subsequent, less advanced systems, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy does not rely on tricky, underground threaded connections. The pitless adapter is much more forgiving and easier to align than a threaded connection, especially for deeper hydrants, allowing the hydrant to slide in and out in a linear fashion.”

Read their full article here (includes a frost-free yard hydrant buyer’s guide).

If you have never checked out Green Yard Master™, you should. They have a thorough buyer’s guide for just about any outdoor product you can imagine.