Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Facilitates Customized Heating Methods - Another Bonus Benefit

This morning, we got to speak to another repeat customer in Vermont. He expressed his high regard for the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ and the great benefit it has provided him. Not only does the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ allow you to replace your hydrant in minutes, without digging (while protecting the hydrant from soil corrosion), but it also provides another great benefit. The Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ casing is perfect for customized hydrant heating methods.

Though the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ is designed for (customer-supplied) frost-free yard hydrants, there are a few instances in which the hydrant may need to be heated in order to prevent or mitigate freezing. For example, the hydrant may be connected to a watering system on a farm or a camper in an RV park and thus need to remain in the “on” position for an extended period during winter. Or perhaps the water line, and thus the hydrant, were not buried deep enough.

In either of these instances, freezing could occur in the hydrant, even though the hydrant is “frost-free,” or “freeze-proof.” Well, once again, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ is here to save the day. The pitless casing system is perfect for applying heat tracing (heat tape or other) to the hydrant. The casing allows ample space and protection for heat tracing, and the pitless adapter’s in-and-out sliding action prevents the heat tracing from getting twisted and damaged.

Now back to our customer in Vermont. He shared with us that one of his fellow Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ users successfully employed heat tracing on some of his hydrants but also shared a great idea of his own. Admitting that he had not buried his hydrant quite deep enough, at one point in the winter, he got enough freezing to block flow from the hydrant. His fix was clever and simple: use a heat gun (or hair dryer) to blow hot air down into the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ casing. The casing provides an annular space for the heated air to move around the hydrant riser and speed up the job of thawing the hydrant. Just be sure not to damage the PVC casing.

Thanks to this great customer for sharing his great story and highlighting another bonus benefit of the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ pitless casing system.