Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit for 3/4" Hydrants [Hydrant not Included]

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit for 3/4" Hydrants [Hydrant not Included]

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No more digging up hydrants!

Save major time and money on future yard hydrant replacements with the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Kit. The YHME Kit delivers all the benefits of the telescoping models at a lower cost. Instead of a telescoping casing, the YHME Kit comes with a top and bottom section only. You provide a 4” sch. 40 PVC pipe, cut to accommodate your hydrant bury depth, to serve as the casing. Simply glue the top and bottom sections of the YHME Kit to your casing pipe, and you’re ready to go.

The Model 303K is just like the 101K but with the addition of a dual check valve for back-flow prevention. If you need to prevent water from the hydrant from flowing back into the water supply, then the Model 303K is what you need. All models come with a preinstalled pitless adapter to attach to your hydrant* (the YHME does not come with a hydrant).

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Models 101K and 303K Features:

  • Bottom section (pitless assembly) including:

    • Lead-free brass pitless adapter (preinstalled) to screw into your hydrant for simple slide-in/slide-out hydrant replacement

    • Filtered drainage section to keep out dirt and improve drainage reliability

    • ASSE 1024 lead-free bronze dual-check-valve back-flow preventer (Model 303K)

  • Top section (upper assembly) including:

    • Durable ABS top cap

    • Stainless steel hardware

  • Can be installed to any bury depth; you provide the 4” sch. 40 PVC casing pipe to required length.

  • Replaceable o-ring seal (each unit ships with a spare o-ring)

  • Works with standard, 3/4” frost-free yard hydrants (top cap will not fit nominal 1” hydrants).*

*Note: Nominal hydrant size for standard hydrants on the market is derived from the inlet connection at the bottom of the hydrant, not the actual riser pipe size. Standard hydrants use a riser pipe that is one pipe-size higher than the nominal (inlet) size. This model of the YHME will only fit 3/4” hydrants, which have a 1” riser pipe. If you are using a 1” hydrant, which has a 1.25” riser pipe, then check out our Model 101K+ or 303K+. Contact us if you have any questions.

Click here to see our demonstration video.

Click here to download the installation manual.

Click here to watch our installation video. (Video is for telescoping model but is still very informative. Installation is basically the same, except that the kit model requires you to glue in your own 4” sch. 40 casing pipe.)