Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ - Model 101 [Free Shipping] [Hydrant not Included]

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ - Model 101 [Free Shipping] [Hydrant not Included]

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No more digging!

Save major time and money on your next yard hydrant replacement with the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™. The YHME telescoping casing accommodates 3/4” frost-free hydrants with bury depths of 3 to 7 feet. (Will accommodate certain models of 2’-bury hydrants).

The YHME 101 is our basic model with a pitless adapter to attach to your hydrant (the YHME does not come with a hydrant). If you require back-flow prevention, then check out our model 303, which is outfitted with a dual check-valve to prevent water from the hydrant from flowing back into the water supply.

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Model 101 Features:

  • Telescoping casing design for hydrant bury depths of 3’ up to 7’

  • Lead-free brass pitless adapter for simple slide-in/slide-out hydrant replacement

  • Tough, heavy-wall, UV-resistant PVC casing

  • Durable ABS top cap and drain components

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Filtered drainage section to keep out dirt and improve drainage reliability

  • Replaceable o-ring seal (each unit ships with a spare o-ring)

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