Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Combats Hydrant Corrosion in Livestock Farms

Farming cattle or other livestock is a tough job, not just for the workers but also for the equipment and infrastructure. Livestock farms need multiple remote water sources, so farms will commonly have multiple yard hydrants. Often, the yard hydrant is in an area exposed to animal waste, which can be very corrosive to metals. In such an environment, the typical yard hydrant is not long for this world.

The Yard Hydrant Made Easy is a great solution to this problem! Not only does the Yard Hydrant Made Easy allow hydrants to be changed super quickly and easily, but it also protects the hydrant against corrosion. Whether the hydrant is in dirt or concrete, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ casing will keep corrosive animal waste from contacting the hydrant.

The telescoping casing will actually let you determine how much of the hydrant you want to protect. If your bury depth is less than seven feet, you will have extra casing length that you can slide up to the desired height. If you want, you can run the casing all the way up to the hydrant handle, as long as you allow the space needed for getting buckets and other items under the hydrant spout.

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