Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Pays off Big for RV Park

We recently caught up with one of our RV Park & campground owner customers, who had an interesting experience to share about one of his Yard Hydrant Made Easy’s. Gary of Shawnee Forest Campground in Southern Illinois, upon discovering the Yard Hydrant Made Easy, installed over 60 of them in 2018. Gary can attest to the problem that faces RV Park owners and managers when a yard hydrant fails and needs to be replaced. No one is a happy camper (pun intended) when informed that their water supply is going to be shut off for several hours so that a yard hydrant can be replaced. When the park is full, this is a total nightmare.

Fortunately for Gary, when a camper parked too close and hit the yard hydrant with their slide-out, the Yard Hydrant Made Easy lived up to its promise, making it super quick and easy to replace the hydrant. Gary commented that the hydrant riser had bent all the way down to where it entered the top cap of the Yard Hydrant Made Easy but did no damage to the Yard Hydrant Made Easy. This is really saying something, considering the tremendous load it would have taken to bend the hydrant riser. The camper, however, suffered almost $3000 worth of damage, and the hydrant was inoperable.

Since the hydrant was installed in a Yard Hydrant Made Easy, the water only had to be shut off for a matter of minutes. The hydrant was quickly pulled, the removable pitless adapter component transferred over to the new hydrant, and the new hydrant slid back into place.

One can imagine the headache, time, and expense that Gary would have faced if he had not installed his hydrants in a Yard Hydrant Made Easy. He would have had to make a call and wait for underground utilities to be located, dig a giant hole to get the bottom of the hydrant, and replace the hydrant, while leaving his guests without a water supply. Then he would have had to back-fill the hole and replace any landscaping or infrastructure damaged in the process.

Thanks, Gary, for sharing that awesome story with us.