Why the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ is the Logical Choice

One thing is certain, any installed yard hydrant will eventually need to be replaced. Traditionally, this means digging a hole deeper than the hydrant and wide enough to put a wrench on the water line fitting. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) you have to clear dirt and (if your yard hydrant was installed properly) gravel away from the hydrant so that it will not fall into the piping connection when the hydrant is disconnected and 2) if you do not back up the water line fitting with a wrench, you have a risk of damaging the pipe when unscrewing the old hydrant or screwing on the hydrant. If the water line is PVC, it can very easily break under this applied torque.

If the yard hydrant is encased in concrete, the task becomes much, much harder. Now you need special equipment to break up and excavate the concrete.

Calling out a plumber to replace a yard hydrant, not encased in concrete, will typically cost at least $600 and will require all underground utilities to be located prior to digging. For all but the shallowest yard hydrants, the job will typically involve two workers and an excavation machine. If concrete is involved, even more equipment and labor are required, and the concrete will need to be re-poured after the job is complete. Now, we are getting into the $1,000’s.

With the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™, all of this trouble and risk is a thing of the past. The Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ casing system allows the yard hydrant to be removed quickly and easily without any excavation. The key to the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ is its customized pitless adapter, which allows you to slide the hydrant in and out, so you never have to apply torque to the water line.

The Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ also features a filtered drainage compartment to keep out dirt and improve drainage reliability.

The overall result is quick and easy hydrant replacements with the added benefit of protecting the yard hydrant against soil corrosion.