Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Featured in Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News Magazine

We were pleased to learn that the Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ was featured in the May issue of one of the plumbing industry’s top magazines. The editors at Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News (PHCNews) Magazine chose the Yard Hydrant Made Easy as one of four game-changing products to be highlighted in their May 2019 issue. It is an honor to have such a well-respected publication recognize the innovation and value of our flagship product.

Yard Hydrant Made Easy™ Featured in Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News PHCNews PHCP PROS.jpg

The Midwest Innovative Technologies Inc. (MITI) Yard Hydrant Made Easy (YHME) is a casing system that is installed when replacing an existing standard yard hydrant or when installing a new hydrant. Patented in 2013, the product has provided peace of mind to homes, farms, and campgrounds. Once the YHME is installed, no excavation is required when the hydrant needs to be replaced, eliminating the labor and frustration of replacing a leaking yard hydrant. This results in significant savings for the owner, especially when the hydrant is encased in concrete.

The YHME connects to standard 3⁄4-inch yard hydrants and has a telescoping casing that allows for bury depths of 3 to 7 feet. The key feature is its pitless adapter, a proven technology used for decades in water wells, which attaches to the hydrant and allows it to easily slide in or out. Consequently, no torque is applied to the water line, eliminating the need to excavate and the risk of piping damage. The YHME also employs a filtered drainage compartment to keep out dirt and improve drainage reliability. The overall result is quick and easy hydrant replacements with the added benefit of protecting the hydrant from soil corrosion.